Tree Health / Pest and Disease Management

Tree health can be effected from tent worms to blight, call us today.
Tree health can be effected from tent worms to blight, call us today.

How Is my tree health?

There are usually obvious signs when a tree is having serious tree health problems – dead branches, wilting or faded leaves, bleeding sap. However, sometimes the only sign of a tree’s health problems is that it is simply not flourishing. If you suspect that your tree is unhealthy, you should contact a trained arborist. At Professional 4 Life Tree Service, we can evaluate your tree’s health and provide solutions to any problems.


What are the signs of a sick tree?

Arborists are trained to discover the less obvious symptoms of poor tree health. Poor weather, fungi, insects, and disease can all affect your tree’s health in a variety of ways. Leaves may change color or fade, or the tree may lose leaves. The leaves or bark may develop spots or lesions. The sap may bleed, or there may be visible insects or fungal growths. Finally, the tree’s growth may just not be as vigorous as would be expected. At Professional 4 Life Tree Service, we have the experience to evaluate the symptoms and identify the cause.


How can I protect my tree from insects?

There are many different types of insects that can infest trees in Texas. Some devour the leaves, which have a negative impact on your tree’s growth. Others burrow into the tree or feed on the sap. Regardless of how they feed, they are all more than capable of doing severe damage to a tree. Once they are established, they can be very difficult to remove and may require chemical sprays. The most effective way to deal with an infestation is prevention. Since insects are attracted to sick or damaged trees, the best way to prevent an infestation is to keep the trees healthy to begin with, and that’s where Professional 4 Life Tree Service comes in.

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