Why Any Service Business That You Hire Should Be Bonded As Well As Insured

bonded service company protects against theft

Why You Should Hire Bonded as Well as Insured Service Companies

Insurance will pay for accidents where customer’s property gets damaged. A bond is for dishonesty for not only the company owners, but also for the employees of the company. A surety bond as it is legally named, will pay the customer where there are actual criminal charges filed against the business owner or their employees for theft. Whether it be from the owner of the company or one of the employees. A bonded company is just a better company to do business with. This shows that not only the business owners are honest but also insures that their employees do the same.

Myth #1 – Most Services are Bonded and Insured

A lot of service businesses are not bonded.  Average customers think the company must be bonded if the company is reputable.

One couple in Washington recently learned that you should always check a company’s bond. Ask for proof of the Bond and the insurance.

A couple in Washington State recently hired a tree service while they were on vacation. Agreeing to the bid for $8000. The couple decided to let them do the job. Knowing that they were dealing with a reputable company. They decided to get the job done while the family was on vacation to Disney.

Their job was done. However, after they finished the job one of the employees stayed behind as everyone else left the job site. He then burglarized the people’s house that he had just worked at. When the people came home the next day, they found two laptops missing as well as a lot of personal paperwork. You can read more about this incident here.

Myth #2 A Bonded Company Will Charge Me a Lot More Than My Normal Service

I have been in the tree service industry for over 10 years.  Insured for as long as we’ve been in business. However, last year, I checked into getting a surety bond as well. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my bond was only going to cost me $116 a year.  I pay about $165 a month for my million dollar insurance policy.

Was I worried about theft? No, not at all. However, so that my customers didn’t have to worry about it either, I was willing to pay the $116 per year for a $10,000 surety bond.

Any reputable company is going to charge more than one that is not reputable. However, they are not in competition with the guys that have no insurance and no bonds. The guys that are only weekend warriors or just trying to make a little money and have not put in the time and service to actually build any kind of good reputation.

Last Year I Lost A Job and Gained a Customer Over a $100 Price Difference

We were doing some routine tree pruning last year. One of my customers asked me how much it would be to remove a tree that was between a flower bed and a fence.  The neighbors driveway was on the other side of the fence. I gave her a bid and she told me she would call me when she was ready to do the job.

A few months later my customer called me back to get me to remove another tree slightly smaller than the one that I bid before. When I asked what happened to the tree that I bid earlier, she explained. She was at work when her neighbor called. Someone had stopped by looking for tree work. The bid was $100 cheaper and since they were splitting the cost of the tree, he wanted to use that tree service. She agreed to let her neighbor hire the tree service that had stopped by.

When she returned home that day she found that the tree was still 8 feet tall. Her retaining wall for her flower bed was broken. And her neighbor had already paid the tree service.

Later when she got bids to rebuild the retaining wall for the flower beds, she found that it would cost her $1200 to replace the wall. She decided that she would never use anyone else again to do her tree service again.

When You Find A Bonded and Insured Company That You Are Happy With Stay With Them

Once I have worked at someone’s property at least twice I count them as my loyal customer. Therefore I will do my best to try to give them the best deals. We usually try to charge them slightly less than a new customer that may be less loyal. I will also usually throw in little tasks extra for a loyal customer where I would charge anyone else.

Why Do Loyal Customers Get a Better Deal?

I do these things to show my appreciation for the customer loyalty. However, when one of my customers call me back or I check with them as I am in the area. And they have been having my competitors doing work for them, I take it personal. I will usually ask them if I have done something to cause them to hire someone else. I always get the same kind of answers to these questions. They stopped by. Or another company was working for a neighbor and I just thought I would use them to do it that time.

Talking to other service company owners, I have found that I am not the only one that feels this betrayal by a customer that hires someone else.  We do this for a living. Think of it this way. What if you went into work Monday and you know that you are going the extra mile on a daily basis to make yourself indispensable to the company that you work for. But when you show up to work, you not only got passed over for the promotion, you got laid off because someone else was there over the weekend and they were given your job out of convenience. How would you feel?

A bonded and Insured, Reputable Company can be an Asset to Your Life. Companies that are both Bonded tend to be more responsible. You will never have to worry about accidents or theft from that company.


Felling A Tree Without Hitting an Obstacle


Felling a Tree Without Structures in the Way

However, when I go to a customer’s house that has a large tree in a small place, they want to know how I intend to felling a tree without hitting a structure.  Sometimes they will even have healthy trees either close by or right under the tree that the customer is wanting removed.


First Rule For Felling A Tree

Assess The problem points that you may face.

Most of the problems that come up during a tree removal, could be avoided if only people would pre-think the removal. This is not to say that you will not adapt the plan as you go. But put a plan of action in place before you start.

  • Is there a probability for hitting something?

  • A. Is the object that you may hit moveable? If not what actions will need to be taken to avoid hitting it?

  • B. Is there an easy way for felling the tree without damaging anything?

  •  If so, which way is the tree leaning? 1. Even if the tree is obviously leaning the way that you are wanting the tree to fall, you should put a pull on the tree from the top.  Using a thinner line that is strong with a weight you can pull a thicker rope or cable to the top of the tree. Throw the weight over the upper most limb possible once the lighter string is attached. Next, tie the larger rope to the thin rope.  Pull the larger rope over the limb.  Tie a slip-knot so that you can pull the rope tight around the trunk or the largest part of the tree. Attach to a pulley or a vehicle.felling a tree
    • Start your cut with one level cut into the trunk of the tree.  You will need to go at least 1/3 of the way through the tree but no more than 1/2 of the diameter.
    • Cut down to the stopping point of your cut. Try to go the full distance So that your cut will not be cut further on the bottom. Your finished cut when looking at it from the side should look like a 45 degree cut.
    • Once you are ready to fell the tree, tighten the rope or cable first. Then start cutting the back of the tree slightly above the notch that you made. Be sure to cut the tree level so that you will not force the tree to go backward.  Also be sure that you are cutting the tree above the notch and not at a downward angle, this could also make the tree fall 180 degrees from where you are wanting it to fall.



How To Measure The Distance That a Tree Will Fall

For Illustrations go here: http://www.wikihow.com/Measure-the-Height-of-a-Tree

  1. Using a piece of paper-  you can take a piece of paper and fold it to make a right triangle by folding one corner and going to the other side of the paper until both of the edges align perfectly. Remove the excess paper at the bottom and you are ready for measuring the tree. Holding the paper with the flat side level and the long side giving you a line of site vision from one of your eyes to the top of the tree. Walk backwards away from the tree until the tip top of the tree is at the top of the paper. Mark the spot on the ground. This is where the tip top of the tree will topple too.
  2. Using a stick or a pen – from the side view of where you want to drop the tree. Walk back until the stick or the pen just covers the bottom to the top of the tree. Then lay the pen sideways keeping the bottom of the pen in the same place.  The top of the pen will show you how far the tree will fall when felling a tree.


Annual Tree Maintenance Program


Annual Tree Maintenance Program

Professional 4 Life Tree Service now has an Annual Tree Maintenance Program that we offer our customers.  When it comes to a annual program for tree maintenance, we wrote the book, literally.  Created and designed by Professional 4 Life Enterprises, our tree maintenance program is getting quite a welcome from our long-term customers. 

tree maintenance
Our Tree Maintenance program includes removal of any tree damage at no charge in the case of a storm that damages a tree included in the tree maintenance program.

Here’s The Scoop on Tree Care

We at Professional 4 Life tree service believe that we can make a difference.  We believe that your chances for storm damage are dramatically reduced, when we prune your trees and clean them out properly,.  All tree services will tell you that, but we are willing to stand behind this statement.  We also want to retain our customers, therefore, here is the plan…

  • The customer hires Professional 4 Life Tree Service to come out and do a class A pruning on your trees.
  • You the customer pays for the pruning that we have done.  Normally the price for us to come back and re-prune your trees would be slightly lower than the first time.


However, under the Annual Tree Maintenance Program you get so much more…


  • Professional 4 Life comes out in February to fertilize your tree.  At that time we will also check for pests and address those if they are present.
  • We’ll also prune the trees the following Fall.
  • We will remove any storm damages to the tree and haul away all debris.  If the tree is pushed over as with the tree above we will remove the tree and haul away all debris.

You pay only for the second year of pruning and a set up charge to install feeder tubes. Either in advance or we can put you on the easy pay plan with low monthly installments.

Your savings Are:

  • No charge for the fertilization of the tree value of up to $300
  • Free extermination of the treatment for pests (if needed) value up to $200
  • You pay nothing for storm damages to your tree. values up to and exceeding $5000 or more[/sociallocker]

Simple right? Why isn’t anyone else doing this you ask.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service.  Our company is always looking for new and better ways for customer service, and of course we want to keep our customers all to ourselves – selfish of us, huh? We want to earn your business and keep it.  Our families depend on it.

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