Tornado Leaves 15 Year Old Alive and Untouched

Mother Says when she saw the house, it was like God let her know I saved what matters! After the Tornado levels the house except the 3 walls that were protecting her son.

This is an amazing story about a boy that came home from school and his cousin came by to 15_year_old_survivor_from_tornadocheck on him.  Seeing the tornado coming, the two of them crouch in the bathroom.  When the tornado was gone the only thing that was left was the 3 walls that the kids were hiding behind and the kids themselves, without a scratch.  The mother said when she saw the house it was like God telling her, ” I’ve got you, I protected what matters.”

I first saw this on the news on channel 7 in Tyler, Texas.  When I searched for it online, I noticed that the mother’s comment giving God credit for saving her son was omitted, so I thought l’d tell the rest of the story here.  If you would like to see what was wrote from the news check it out here.