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The Best Choice For Tree Removal

For difficult tree removal of large and small trees alike Professional 4 Life is the best choice in East Texas. Whereas we will not only remove the tree or trees that you are concerned with.  But we will also do the best clean up on any tree job.

“For all your trees dead or alive call 571-9855″

If you have a dead tree that needs to be removed for safety call.  And If you have an alive tree that you need removed for building purposes, safety or beautification, we’re your guys.

Call today for all of your tree removal needs.

bonded service company protects against theft

Why Any Service Business That You Hire Should Be Bonded As Well As Insured

Why You Should Hire Bonded as Well as Insured Service Companies Insurance will pay for accidents where customer’s property gets damaged. A bond is for dishonesty for not only the company owners, but also for the employees of the company. A surety bond as it is legally named, will pay the customer where there are actual criminal charges filed […]


Professional Tree Service Tyler, Texas

Professional Tree Service is our specialty here at Professional 4 Life Tree Service. Professional tree service every time is what you can expect from Professional 4 Life Company.  Fast, Efficient and we’re also one of the very few tree services that are both Bonded and Insured.  Having an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB, […]


Affordable Tree Service Professionals In Tyler TX

Professional 4 Life is the most affordable Tree Service Professionals In the Tyler Texas area. We have been doing affordable tree service in the Tyler Texas area for over 10 years now and we still have an A Rating on The Better Business Bureau and an A rating on Angies List.  We look forward to […]

professional tree removal in progress

Professional Tree Removal 2016

When I hear the words professional tree removal, I think about doctors and lawyers etc:  but what is Professionalism? According to the google definition I wasn’t far off. Professional is defined as “white collar.”  I consider myself a Professional but my job is anything but white collar.  Does this mean that I am any less professional? […]


Difficult Tree Removal in Tyler Texas

Professional 4 Life Commercial on Storm Damage and Difficult Tree Removal.  Call 903-571-9855   This video is just me and my kids goofing off.  Never realized everything that goes into making videos. If you need work done, or regular maintenance on your trees Call us.  “For all your trees, dead or alive- Call 571-9855.”  The […]