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Professional Tree Service is our specialty here at Professional 4 Life Tree Service.

Professional tree service every time is what you can expect from Professional 4 Life Company.  Fast, Efficient and we’re also one of the very few tree services that are both Bonded and Insured.  Having an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB,  we’ll always go back, even though we get paid and the job is done to take care of any of our customers concerns.  We are experts in the arborist field. After all, we are Professional 4 Life.  That’s why we are the best choice tree service for East Texas. However, if you want to know the truth about the best part of Professional 4 Life, it’s not our work, our good attitude or our honesty.  It’s our customers.  We have some of the most loyal customers that we could ever possibly ask for.

What Do you Do if You Need Professional Tree Service?

Call us today for any and all of your tree service needs.  Tree Removals, Tree pruning, or diagnosis and treatment.  You can’t find a better professional tree service in or around Tyler, Texas.  Even after you pay for the job and we leave, we’ll still come back if you have concerns.  We have someone that goes back to take care of filling in holes as well as checking to make sure that the ground crew has got all of the debris and was courteous.  Therefore, let us know if there is anything that we can do to make our customers have a better experience with our service.

For our pruning and maintenance customers, be sure to ask the consultant that comes out to tell you about Professional 4 Life’s Annual Tree Maintenance Program.  Finally, no one goes further than Professional 4 Life at taking care of our customers, so give us a call!

Professional Tree Service

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Affordable Tree Service Professionals In Tyler TX


Professional 4 Life is the most affordable Tree Service Professionals In the Tyler Texas area.

affordable tree service
Professional Affordable Tree Service owner, Shane Cox, stands tall at the top of an Oak Tree that is being removed.

We have been doing affordable tree service in the Tyler Texas area for over 10 years now and we still have

Professional 4 Life Tree Service
Most Affordable Tree Service in Texas

an A Rating on The Better Business Bureau and an A rating on Angies List.  We look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

My name is Shane Cox, owner of Professional 4 Life Tree Service and it has been my goal to build a Affordable Tree Service in East Texas that operates through Honesty and Integrity.  Still, after 10 years none of that has changed!  We still stand for Honesty and Integrity and Professionalism at it’s best.  After being raised around the Tree service industry and seeing the good that we do, they are starting to follow in my footsteps and take care of my customers too.  We firmly believe that you should get what you pay for. Therefore, go the extra mile to try and make all of our customers a Satisfied Customer!

If you need tree work done of any kind, we look forward to hearing from you, as always we give free estimates.  Again, we are Insured and Bonded for your protection.  You won’t find a more Affordable Tree Service or one that cares about their customers than we do!  Call us today and let one of our consultants give you a free estimate on any of your tree service needs.

Call our Affordable Tree Service Now and we’ll give you an additional 10% off on all of your Tree Removals

We can’t get busy enough this year. Therefore, we are giving an additional 10% off on all full tree removals this year.  We strive to be the best in the business and to be perfectly honest. When you are as professional as we are, you work yourself out of a job fast.  We need your business. We will reward you with a 10% discount on your tree removals for just calling on us.  Go ahead call us now and let us show you why we are the fastest growing tree service in Texas!

Jacksonville Tree Removal

Professional 4 Life has been doing work in and around Jacksonville, Texas for over 10 years.  Our customers keep getting us to come back year after year.  When you are doing Jacksonville Tree

Jacksonville Tree Removal – Pine

Removal you have to know what you are doing.

Home of the Tomato Bowl, Jacksonville Texas.  Is a really nice place to work.  Very friendly down home country folks.

Professional for life probably does about 20% of all of our Tree Work in Jacksonville.  Call Before December 20 and Save 20%

We did a Jacksonville Tree Removal on December 7, 2015 on lake Jacksonville.  We removed two trees and on the 8th we are scheduled to go back and prune a few trees, although that was not part of the agreement.  The customer, after seeing us work has decided to use us for more of his tree projects.

If you are in Jacksonville, Texas and you are in need of Tree Removal or Tree Pruning, please don’t hesitate, call us today at (903) 571-9855

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Check our Ratings With the BBB  *Note* We are not accredited with the BBB

Emergency Tree Removal Services by Professional 4 Life Enterprises
Nature can be unpredictable, and you can’t plan ahead for when it catches you off guard –especially in Texas. Winter storms can break branches or topple trees with the weight of snow and ice. Wind can tear branches or uproot an entire tree. That’s why Professional 4 Life Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency tree removal services. If a tree falls on your property, you can’t always wait for days to get it removed, especially if it has damaged your home or power lines. We are available at any time in the case of an emergency – in the middle of a storm, at two o’clock in the morning, or on a Sunday afternoon…we will be there when you need us.


Why should I remove a tree?


Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary to remove a tree from your property. The tree may be dead or dying, or in the case of an emergency, it may have suffered a serious wound that it cannot recover from. You should have a professional arborist assess the tree to determine whether it can survive the damage that has been done to it.


Why do I need an arborist to do emergency tree removal?


If a storm has damaged your tree, but it’s still standing you need to get an arborist to look at it right away if you hope to save it. Losing a branch exposes a tree to infection and parasites that can further damage or even kill it. It is important for an arborist to assess and treat the tree if you want to save it, and arborists have the equipment and expertise to safely remove the tree if it cannot be saved.