Professional Tree Removal 2016

professional tree removal in progress

When I hear the words professional tree removal, I think about doctors and lawyers etc:  but what is Professionalism?

professional tree removal
Professional 4 Life definition of Professional tree removal

According to the google definition I wasn’t far off.

Professional is defined as “white collar.”  I consider myself a Professional but my job is anything but white collar.  Does this mean that I am any less professional?

I don’t think so.  The definition is just used more for white collar workers.  We fall into the Second adjective definition. A person engaged in a specific activity as one’s main occupation rather than as a pastime.

Not mentioned in the above definition, people should also, when they are professional tree removal services:

  • dealing with problems when they come up, without losing your temper or making decisions based on emotions.  Stop and think before reacting!
  • Making sure you take care of your customers such as filling in holes in the yard or cut another limb. It makes a huge difference.
  • Use skilled labor.  Too often I see businesses especially in the tree service industry where owners are using unskilled labor. I believe this is a HUGE mistake.  Not only are these guys very dangerous for the customers property and their own safety. They will not be very skilled in this trade. Without proper training, no one will be able to be Great at tree removal or tree pruning.
  • Be on time.  When you are bidding jobs. Be on time if you tell someone that you will be there at a specific time.
  • Finally, be organized.  This saves you time and money as well as making you look good to your customers.  This is something that you usually have to constantly work at.

Using tools like calendars and reminders on phones will help a lot with staying organized.

As always, I want to thank you guys for reading and please give me feedback anytime you have a chance.  Thanks guys.

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Difficult Tree Removal in Tyler Texas


Professional 4 Life Commercial on Storm Damage and Difficult Tree Removal.  Call 903-571-9855


This video is just me and my kids goofing off.  Never realized everything that goes into making videos.

If you need work done, or regular maintenance on your trees Call us.  “For all your trees, dead or alive- Call 571-9855.”  The kids and I was playing around when we made this commercial, however storm damage is not child’s play.  Don’t take chances with your life.  Trees can be very dangerous, especially when there is pressure on limbs already.   Call a professional if you have any storm damage.  Professional 4 Life is available day or night for storm damage situations where people or property could get more damaged if left until a later time.

For Emergency Tree Removal There Is No One Better

We Specialize in difficult tree removal, and in an emergency situation, we are the guys you want.  When you call us, we will come out and assess the situation, if needed we will secure or cut the tree or trees to make sure that when we leave, you won’t get more damage.  Difficult tree removal consists of trees hung up in other trees (especially when a house or other structure is under the tree that can not be moved.)  Don’t leave your property or loved ones lives in the hands of an amateur.  Call the pros today at Professional 4 Life.  Difficult Tree Removal removal also consist of a tree or part of one on a house or car or leaning toward a structure where the roots are already lifting up.  Difficult removal also consists of bringing large trees down in small areas.  We do this almost daily at Professional 4 Life.  Call us and let us show you why we are the fastest growing tree service in the East Texas area.

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Cheap Tree Removal – How much should I pay – Who should I use?


When It Comes to Tree Removal do you want cheap tree removal?

We are professionals.  Highly skilled at this trade.  although we are usually about 10 to 15% less expensive than most of our competitors, we are not cheap, and you probably do not want a cheap tree service.  We are insured and bonded.  We remove trees with the highest level of efficiency and we will not ever leave a job undone.  We never get money before we start a job and we will always be courteous and professional.  Cheap tree removal usually will cost the customer far more than a professional tree service.  I talked to a lady recently that used a cheap tree service… She told me that the guys had came to take a tree down. She told me that the tree was a medium sized tree showing me another tree in the yard. Then she told me that the cheap tree service took the tree down and it cost her about $3000.  I told her that I would have charged $700.  She proceeded to tell me that she did not pay the guys that did the work anything. The guys put a cable on the tree to pull it over.  When the tree fell, it fell on top of her guest house… The guys left their tools and ran to their truck and left.  She said it cost $3000 to repair the damages.

Another lady wrote a review for me on Google.  She was one of my previous customers and I had already given her a bid on the tree work.  A Cheap Tree Service company came buy and talked to her neighbor, telling him that he would remove the tree for $200 less than what I was going to charge.  My customer let her neighbor hire the Cheap Tree Service to take her tree down… They dropped most of the tree on her side of the fence and busted a lot of concrete doing over a thousand dollars in damages.  She called me to remove a tree beside it later and told me what had happened.  She promised to call me every time she needs tree work done from now on.

Again, Cheap Tree Removal is not usually a good idea, but if you still insist on cheap tree removal services, at least follow these guidelines. 🙂

Cheap Tree Removal is okay if…

  • Cheap tree removal is okay if you are getting a tree down that is not over a house or power lines.
  • Cheap tree removal is okay if the people are insured and you can verify their insurance. Always verify the insurance is active.
  • Cheap tree removal is okay if you have verified that the tree service company has good reviews online.  Look at how many reviews the company has and look at how many problem reviews they have.  Chances are, if they have been in business for a while, they will have at least one or two bad reviews.  Check to make sure that whatever the problem was, the tree service company solved the problem.  Also check to see if the problem even has merit.  A lot of the bad reviews online are from people that didn’t even get work done from the company.  They called and didn’t get an answer right a way, so they try to taint the companies image.


Cheap Tree Removal could result in this

Cheap Tree Removal is not always the answer!

You should not hire a cheap tree service if you have a large tree.  Chances are, if your normal lawn maintenance man can’t or won’t do the job, you may need a professional tree service. Skilled labor is not cheap labor.  If you have any doubts about taking the tree down at all, a cheap tree removal service would not be the answer.  If you call a professional, chances are, they could save the tree.

Professional 4 Life Tree Service in Bullard, TX is one of the fastest growing tree services in the East Texas area. Professional 4 Life Enterprises, Tree Service, Bullard, TX With nine years of A+ reputation doing business in the

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areas.  We have a combined total of about 43 years of experience in this industry and we are always taking our customers concerns into consideration first.  I, Shane Cox, owner of Professional 4 Life Enterprises will be posting about those concerns frequently.  I will also address as many concerns as I can about the Tree service industry to help some of my piers with their businesses as much as I can.  I will be addressing issues such as clean up services, Tree pruning, removal of stumps, advertising for tree services, When a Tree service should bend a little and when you should just take a loss and “fire a customer.” As well as other topics dealing with commercial and residential tree services.

Be sure and check back here often or email me at if you have a particular problem or topic that you would like to discuss.  I would love to hear from my readers on any particular problem that you may come up with.  Also, if you have a specific tree problem, you may be able to find your answer at when I come up against something new that I have never seen before I usually refer to them.