Felling A Tree Without Hitting an Obstacle


Felling a Tree Without Structures in the Way

However, when I go to a customer’s house that has a large tree in a small place, they want to know how I intend to felling a tree without hitting a structure.  Sometimes they will even have healthy trees either close by or right under the tree that the customer is wanting removed.


First Rule For Felling A Tree

Assess The problem points that you may face.

Most of the problems that come up during a tree removal, could be avoided if only people would pre-think the removal. This is not to say that you will not adapt the plan as you go. But put a plan of action in place before you start.

  • Is there a probability for hitting something?

  • A. Is the object that you may hit moveable? If not what actions will need to be taken to avoid hitting it?

  • B. Is there an easy way for felling the tree without damaging anything?

  •  If so, which way is the tree leaning? 1. Even if the tree is obviously leaning the way that you are wanting the tree to fall, you should put a pull on the tree from the top.  Using a thinner line that is strong with a weight you can pull a thicker rope or cable to the top of the tree. Throw the weight over the upper most limb possible once the lighter string is attached. Next, tie the larger rope to the thin rope.  Pull the larger rope over the limb.  Tie a slip-knot so that you can pull the rope tight around the trunk or the largest part of the tree. Attach to a pulley or a vehicle.felling a tree
    • Start your cut with one level cut into the trunk of the tree.  You will need to go at least 1/3 of the way through the tree but no more than 1/2 of the diameter.
    • Cut down to the stopping point of your cut. Try to go the full distance So that your cut will not be cut further on the bottom. Your finished cut when looking at it from the side should look like a 45 degree cut.
    • Once you are ready to fell the tree, tighten the rope or cable first. Then start cutting the back of the tree slightly above the notch that you made. Be sure to cut the tree level so that you will not force the tree to go backward.  Also be sure that you are cutting the tree above the notch and not at a downward angle, this could also make the tree fall 180 degrees from where you are wanting it to fall.



How To Measure The Distance That a Tree Will Fall

For Illustrations go here: http://www.wikihow.com/Measure-the-Height-of-a-Tree

  1. Using a piece of paper-  you can take a piece of paper and fold it to make a right triangle by folding one corner and going to the other side of the paper until both of the edges align perfectly. Remove the excess paper at the bottom and you are ready for measuring the tree. Holding the paper with the flat side level and the long side giving you a line of site vision from one of your eyes to the top of the tree. Walk backwards away from the tree until the tip top of the tree is at the top of the paper. Mark the spot on the ground. This is where the tip top of the tree will topple too.
  2. Using a stick or a pen – from the side view of where you want to drop the tree. Walk back until the stick or the pen just covers the bottom to the top of the tree. Then lay the pen sideways keeping the bottom of the pen in the same place.  The top of the pen will show you how far the tree will fall when felling a tree.


Get Ready For Storm Season Now.

storm damage tree

Keeping your trees cleaned out and pruned will cause less resistance to the wind, which can make a huge difference in a storm.

Most of the time, when a tree topples over in a storm, it could have been prevented if the tree

When properly maintained, trees provide less resistance to wind.

was properly taken care of.  Not to say that a branch couldn’t break in a storm, but when cleaned out properly, trees will offer less resistance to the wind.

In the Tyler area we had a lot of trees that came down in 2015 and most was due to high winds, and lack of maintenance.  Call us today and we can send a tree consultant to come and look at your trees and give you our advise and a free estimate on anything that you are wanting to have done.

Hero Father Saves Daughter From Wind Storm

Wind Storm knocks over Large Pine and Hero Father Saves 5 Year Old Daughter

Man In Park with his 5 year old daughter gets hit by tree while saving her. From Wind Blown Tree.

In Santee, San Diego The Sheriff’s office said that a man pushed his 5 year old daughter out of the way of a Large Pine Tree falling.  The man was struck by the tree and hospitalized.  Wind Storm are a major cause of trees breaking.

The man is a hero.  The winds were at 20 to 25 miles per hour steadily plus wind gusts that went higher.  Storm damage is a major concern for any tree.  Trees that are not maintained well are at greater risks of storm damage.

High winds knock down trees on a regular basis.  especially when the trees are not well maintained.  I am constantly warning my customers of dangers.  I have even been known to do quick jobs at no charge when people tell me they don’t have money to pay and I see that their children play in the area.

Please maintain your trees or have them removed if your children or grand children are going to be playing in the area.  Dead wood is a major concern for play areas, as well as week or diseased trees that could fall.

We all know that trees are beneficial however, they must be properly kept for safety reasons as well as for the health of the trees.  We love the shade that trees put off, but there is a responsibility that comes with having trees.  Parks where children play should also be held to a higher standard for tree care to keep the parks safe.  City and private parks alike should be made to have an arborist come in at least twice a year to check for possible safety hazards and maintain the trees there.  We could all have a safe place to work and play with just a little effort and common sense.

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Tornadoes Strike Texas

Tornadoes Struck Several Different areas of Texas today.

When Tornadoes strike death tolls can be numerous as well as damages.  Today eight  people died in Texas due to tornadoes as well as several million dollars in damages.  The Rockwall,

Widespread tornado outbreak destroys parts of Texas tonight.

Texas area was hit as well as Garland, Texas and Ovilla.  Two churches were destroyed and many homes.  Trees are down and over 50,000 homes were out of electricity.

At least one of the tornadoes were very large and sighted near Rockwall, Texas.

Trees were knocked down and debris left everywhere.  One Washing machine was found 100 feet from the home that it was thrown from.





From Accuweather.com Blizzards as well as Tornadoes hit Texas

We still have another bad storm on the way tomorrow morning.  Please pray for the families of the people that died tonight in the storm.  I will keep you informed as more develops.  God Bless you all.

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  1. tornado_damage
    Tornado damages in Texas

    Cars were blown off of the Interstate in tonight’s tornadoes

    “At least eight people died as an explosion of tornadoes spread devastation across several North Texas cities as December’s unseasonably mild weather shifted in the most violent of ways.

    Five deaths occurred in Garland in what police say were tornado-related traffic accidents near Interstate 30 and Bush Turnpike.

    Joe Harn, a department spokesman, tied the fatalities to a confirmed tornado that hit that area about 6:45 p.m.

    Officers were trying to determine whether there were any other casualties at the accident site, where a dozen or so vehicles had crashed. KXAS-TV (NBC5) reported that police were investigating whether vehicles might have been blown off a turnpike bridge.

    “We’re dealing with darkness out here,” said Mike Hatfield, another department spokesman. “All of the street lights and highway lights are out.”

    Police taped off the crash area about 9:20 p.m. as a police forensics van arrived on the scene.

    In Copeville, on the east shore of Lavon Lake in Collin County, authorities confirmed that storms had killed two people. Photos showed nothing left of the gas station where one of those deaths was reported.

    An infant was killed in the storm in Blue Ridge, also in Collin County, but no other details were available.

    The deaths occurred on a day in which dozens of tornado warnings were issued regionwide. National Weather Service officials said they wouldn’t be able to give an exact number of confirmed tornadoes until assessments are done Sunday, although meteorologists at more than one TV station were setting the preliminary count of verified twisters at 11.

    About 9:30 p.m., the weather service said all tornado warnings for the D-FW area had expired. WFAA-TV (Channel 8) put the total number of tornado warnings for the system at 36.

    Late Saturday evening, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins tweeted that he was signing a local disaster declaration for the county because of widespread weather damage.

    “Please help our response by staying home and off roads/scenes,” he said.

    Garland Mayor Douglas Athas declared a state of emergency in his sprawling Dallas suburb.”