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Professional 4 Life is the most affordable Tree Service Professionals In the Tyler Texas area.

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Professional Affordable Tree Service owner, Shane Cox, stands tall at the top of an Oak Tree that is being removed.

We have been doing affordable tree service in the Tyler Texas area for over 10 years now and we still have

Professional 4 Life Tree Service
Most Affordable Tree Service in Texas

an A Rating on The Better Business Bureau and an A rating on Angies List.  We look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

My name is Shane Cox, owner of Professional 4 Life Tree Service and it has been my goal to build a Affordable Tree Service in East Texas that operates through Honesty and Integrity.  Still, after 10 years none of that has changed!  We still stand for Honesty and Integrity and Professionalism at it’s best.  After being raised around the Tree service industry and seeing the good that we do, they are starting to follow in my footsteps and take care of my customers too.  We firmly believe that you should get what you pay for. Therefore, go the extra mile to try and make all of our customers a Satisfied Customer!

If you need tree work done of any kind, we look forward to hearing from you, as always we give free estimates.  Again, we are Insured and Bonded for your protection.  You won’t find a more Affordable Tree Service or one that cares about their customers than we do!  Call us today and let one of our consultants give you a free estimate on any of your tree service needs.

Call our Affordable Tree Service Now and we’ll give you an additional 10% off on all of your Tree Removals

We can’t get busy enough this year. Therefore, we are giving an additional 10% off on all full tree removals this year.  We strive to be the best in the business and to be perfectly honest. When you are as professional as we are, you work yourself out of a job fast.  We need your business. We will reward you with a 10% discount on your tree removals for just calling on us.  Go ahead call us now and let us show you why we are the fastest growing tree service in Texas!

Annual Tree Maintenance Program


Annual Tree Maintenance Program

Professional 4 Life Tree Service now has an Annual Tree Maintenance Program that we offer our customers.  When it comes to a annual program for tree maintenance, we wrote the book, literally.  Created and designed by Professional 4 Life Enterprises, our tree maintenance program is getting quite a welcome from our long-term customers. 

tree maintenance
Our Tree Maintenance program includes removal of any tree damage at no charge in the case of a storm that damages a tree included in the tree maintenance program.

Here’s The Scoop on Tree Care

We at Professional 4 Life tree service believe that we can make a difference.  We believe that your chances for storm damage are dramatically reduced, when we prune your trees and clean them out properly,.  All tree services will tell you that, but we are willing to stand behind this statement.  We also want to retain our customers, therefore, here is the plan…

  • The customer hires Professional 4 Life Tree Service to come out and do a class A pruning on your trees.
  • You the customer pays for the pruning that we have done.  Normally the price for us to come back and re-prune your trees would be slightly lower than the first time.


However, under the Annual Tree Maintenance Program you get so much more…


  • Professional 4 Life comes out in February to fertilize your tree.  At that time we will also check for pests and address those if they are present.
  • We’ll also prune the trees the following Fall.
  • We will remove any storm damages to the tree and haul away all debris.  If the tree is pushed over as with the tree above we will remove the tree and haul away all debris.

You pay only for the second year of pruning and a set up charge to install feeder tubes. Either in advance or we can put you on the easy pay plan with low monthly installments.

Your savings Are:

  • No charge for the fertilization of the tree value of up to $300
  • Free extermination of the treatment for pests (if needed) value up to $200
  • You pay nothing for storm damages to your tree. values up to and exceeding $5000 or more[/sociallocker]

Simple right? Why isn’t anyone else doing this you ask.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service.  Our company is always looking for new and better ways for customer service, and of course we want to keep our customers all to ourselves – selfish of us, huh? We want to earn your business and keep it.  Our families depend on it.

Call us today!