Support Trump and Jimmy Fallon

I Would Like To Propose a Dare For All Trump Supporters

As you have probably heard in the news Mr. Jimmy Fallon and Donald Trump are taking a lot of flack. They were on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon and of course the media expected Mr. Fallon to bash Mr. Trump as most of the other media does.

Instead of bashing Donald Trump, Mr. Fallon treated Mr. Trump like he was human and the media is going stir crazy about this.

I would like to dare anyone that supports Trump to take a challenge and post a video letting someone muss your hair. The way that Mr. Fallon did to Trump. Let’s show our support!

Now recently, Hillary Clinton announced to the world that anyone without her views should be put on an island and destroyed. And this is who these people want for a president? She announced that anyone not willing to give up their right to bare arms. Anyone that does not believe in abortion and anyone that does not believe in same-sex marriage should be put on an island and destroyed.

Well at least we know where us christians stand with Hillary Clinton.