Stump removal service? Or just let it decompose?

Stump removal service are very useful in keeping your yard beautiful, but did you know?

Stump Removal Service by Professional 4 Life

When you grind your stumps the smaller particles can decompose at a faster rate and these particles can provide much needed nutrients for other plants and trees.

  • Stump removal Can keep you other trees from getting infested or infected.

When you grind your stumps you take away the breeding grounds for some of the insects that would normally multiply and infest your other trees.

When you grind your stumps and have the mulch hauled away, you also haul away the disease in the wood, this could keep your other trees from getting infected with the same diseases.

Should I Rent a Stump Grinder and try to do this myself?

You could rent a stump grinder and try to do the job yourself, but some of the things to consider are:

What does it cost for stump removal service?

Different areas have slightly different prices for rentals?

Will you need to buy new safety gear?

  • Most guys that do stump grinding for a living use safety goggles
  • Most guys that do stump grinding have protective clothing
What is my time worth?

How long will it take me to drive to the rental company and back?

How long will it take to grind the stump or stumps?

Finally, you should way the cost of someone else doing the stump grinding against the aforementioned costs.

Professional 4 Life Enterprises uses Kenneth Partin for all of our stump removal.  You can contact him directly at 903-216-2000 Be sure to tell him Shane, from Professional 4 Life sent you.  It will save you time and money to get him to do your stump removal service.

If Professional 4 Life does your tree removal we can add the stump removal service in or you can deal with Mr. Partin yourself.  We would prefer that you deal with him personally so that we are not involved with that part of the job.  However some of our customers are just too busy to do that, and for those people we are completely willing to take care of this task as well.