Rotting tree fell on a car killing one of Pokemon’s artist on March 13, 2016

A Rotting Tree killed a artist for Pokemon while his toddler daughter in the same vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

Arborist Favero Greenforest, who lives nearby, analyzes the gnarled stump of a tree in Seward Park that fell and killed a man last month. (Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times)
Arborist checks the rotting tree stump from the tree that killed Pokemon artist

According to the arborist that looked at the rotting tree stump, the rotting tree was in the core of the tree.  Not likely noticeable from looking at the outside.  For some reason the park officials are still denying that the tree had any rot.  Probably just to save face, as the park officials overlooked the fact that the tree had any rot before they talked to the reporters.

“Medalle, a married father of two and an artist for Pokemon Company International, was killed instantly by the wind-toppled rotting tree while out for a Sunday drive through the park with his toddler daughter. The tree, which crushed the front end of Medalle’s sport-utility vehicle, missed the back seat, where the child survived with minor injuries.”

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Arborists can usually find any problems with trees and we can usually make educated suggestions to owners of the tree, however, sometimes the tree will have problems that people untrained would not see or know how to deal with the problem, even if they did know there was a problem.

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