Professional Tree Removal 2016

When I hear the words professional tree removal, I think about doctors and lawyers etc:  but what is Professionalism?

professional tree removal
Professional 4 Life definition of Professional tree removal

According to the google definition I wasn’t far off.

Professional is defined as “white collar.”  I consider myself a Professional but my job is anything but white collar.  Does this mean that I am any less professional?

I don’t think so.  The definition is just used more for white collar workers.  We fall into the Second adjective definition. A person engaged in a specific activity as one’s main occupation rather than as a pastime.

Not mentioned in the above definition, people should also, when they are professional tree removal services:

  • dealing with problems when they come up, without losing your temper or making decisions based on emotions.  Stop and think before reacting!
  • Making sure you take care of your customers such as filling in holes in the yard or cut another limb. It makes a huge difference.
  • Use skilled labor.  Too often I see businesses especially in the tree service industry where owners are using unskilled labor. I believe this is a HUGE mistake.  Not only are these guys very dangerous for the customers property and their own safety. They will not be very skilled in this trade. Without proper training, no one will be able to be Great at tree removal or tree pruning.
  • Be on time.  When you are bidding jobs. Be on time if you tell someone that you will be there at a specific time.
  • Finally, be organized.  This saves you time and money as well as making you look good to your customers.  This is something that you usually have to constantly work at.

Using tools like calendars and reminders on phones will help a lot with staying organized.

As always, I want to thank you guys for reading and please give me feedback anytime you have a chance.  Thanks guys.

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