Save the Tree or Remove It?


To Save The Tree Or Remove The Tree

That is the question, that many people have asked me several times over the past nine years.  When you have a few trees or you have a huge tree, the last thing that you want to do is start cutting them down.  People call me often and more times than not, they really would rather save the tree rather than cut the tree down.

In East Texas we have had many blights that have come upon us.  Oak trees are being killed by Hypoxylon Canker.  In addition, elm, pecan, hickory, sycamore, maple, beech, and other trees may be infected.  According to Texas A&M, the best way to treat this disease is to put 2″ diameter holes in the ground every 2′ from the trunk to the drip line and fill these holes with sand or pea gravel to get more moisture to the roots.  While this method is not always practical, it is one alternative to completely removing a tree and starting over when the tree has been growing for many years.  Another thing that you may do is to remove all of the dead limbs or infected limbs and watering the tree as well as fertilizing and treating the infected tree for bugs.  While this will not guarantee that the tree will survive the chances of the tree’s survival will greatly increase if it is allowed the chance to heal itself without the bugs and dead and infected limbs on it.  If you do not remove the tree, the chances of one infected tree infecting other trees in the vicinity, are pretty high.  Therefore you should keep routinely scheduled notes of the progress of a tree, once you know that a tree has been diagnosed with a problem.

If you are asking the question of whether to save a tree or remove the tree, you should consult a local arborist.  If you would like more information about Hypoxylon Cancer you can go here.

As always, take care of your trees, or hire someone qualified to take care of your trees.

Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty Is this part of your life and business?


Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I have a pretty good crew of people that work for me.  However, sometimes we do have a problem here and there.  I trust my guys with my life and my customer’s property on a daily basis, but once in a while, we will have a guy that comes to work that wants more than we can give.  

Recently, we had someone that came to work for us and got very comfortable.  He took a work vehicle without permission that we had and went and wrecked it.  He drove it to the office and when he left, he still had the keys on him.  Once everyone was gone, he came back and got the truck.  My brother and I really didn’t even notice that the truck was gone until the next work day.  When we realized that the truck was missing, we went to find the one guy that had not come to work that day.  Upon finding him, he admitted that he had the key to the truck when he left that morning, however, he claimed that he put the key in the ash tray of the truck and left.  The truck was found in a impound within a few hours and it had been wrecked in a wooded area not far away.  A total loss.

Of course this was one of our employees that although unskilled, was one of our favorites and if he had come to us and told us exactly what happened, my brother and I would have worked with him.  However, after being stole from and continuously lied to, we can not help him.

Our company is not just a lot of guys working together, we are a family.  We are as loyal to our employees as our employees are to us.  We try to always stand for Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty with our employees as well as our customers and most of the time we feel that our employees are the same way with us.

Summary:  My employees feel like my kids and my brothers and sisters (close family).  My facebook contacts are like cousins and distant relatives (extended family).

I pray that you guys are as busy as you would like to be in this holiday season.  I love you guys and hope to catch you online sometimes just to say “hello” and exchange ideas.

Is Anyone Else Anal About a Brand Stihl

felling a tree

Everyone Knows That Stihl Is The Best Brand For Saws!

Everyone knows that a Stihl is the best brand for chain saws, but is anyone else anal about a brand?  I know I am.

Shane Cox holding a Stihl brand chainsaw
This picture of me and my Stihl 660 was taken in 2012

I have had some of my men offer to bring their saws or blowers or even a pole saw to work.  My question is always the same.  Is it a Stihl? I tell the guys that we are a Professional Tree Service and we don’t want the image that any other tool may have on our business, therefore the answer is always no.

I wasn’t always this way.

When I started this business 9 years ago, I started out, like a lot of Tree Care Services do, with a Poulan.  It aggravates me to even type the name now. (laugh)  The reason the name makes me sick though, is because of all of the aggravation that the saws caused for the first few months that I was in business.  Better tools meant less aggravation and quicker completion times, I soon realized.

Someone told me that Husquavarna was the BEST saw that you could get. I ran out and bought 5 Huskys.  Within the first day of use, I noticed that I had to tighten the chains a lot and that the chains would burn up.  Therefore I took the saws to the shop often, and it was always the same problem…The oilier stopped working.  Sixty to seventy dollars later and a few days without my saw, I would get my saw back, just to have the same problem again soon.

After about six months, I sold all of my saws and went to buy three Stihl saws.  I have never been happier with any other brand!  I refuse to use another brand of saw now.  Also my blowers and my pole saws whether they have a motor on them or not, are ALL STIHL.

Again, is anyone else Anal about a brand? I’d like to know.

Annual Tree Maintenance Program


Annual Tree Maintenance Program

Professional 4 Life Tree Service now has an Annual Tree Maintenance Program that we offer our customers.  When it comes to a annual program for tree maintenance, we wrote the book, literally.  Created and designed by Professional 4 Life Enterprises, our tree maintenance program is getting quite a welcome from our long-term customers. 

tree maintenance
Our Tree Maintenance program includes removal of any tree damage at no charge in the case of a storm that damages a tree included in the tree maintenance program.

Here’s The Scoop on Tree Care

We at Professional 4 Life tree service believe that we can make a difference.  We believe that your chances for storm damage are dramatically reduced, when we prune your trees and clean them out properly,.  All tree services will tell you that, but we are willing to stand behind this statement.  We also want to retain our customers, therefore, here is the plan…

  • The customer hires Professional 4 Life Tree Service to come out and do a class A pruning on your trees.
  • You the customer pays for the pruning that we have done.  Normally the price for us to come back and re-prune your trees would be slightly lower than the first time.


However, under the Annual Tree Maintenance Program you get so much more…


  • Professional 4 Life comes out in February to fertilize your tree.  At that time we will also check for pests and address those if they are present.
  • We’ll also prune the trees the following Fall.
  • We will remove any storm damages to the tree and haul away all debris.  If the tree is pushed over as with the tree above we will remove the tree and haul away all debris.

You pay only for the second year of pruning and a set up charge to install feeder tubes. Either in advance or we can put you on the easy pay plan with low monthly installments.

Your savings Are:

  • No charge for the fertilization of the tree value of up to $300
  • Free extermination of the treatment for pests (if needed) value up to $200
  • You pay nothing for storm damages to your tree. values up to and exceeding $5000 or more[/sociallocker]

Simple right? Why isn’t anyone else doing this you ask.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service.  Our company is always looking for new and better ways for customer service, and of course we want to keep our customers all to ourselves – selfish of us, huh? We want to earn your business and keep it.  Our families depend on it.

Call us today!


Difficult Tree Removal in Tyler Texas


Professional 4 Life Commercial on Storm Damage and Difficult Tree Removal.  Call 903-571-9855


This video is just me and my kids goofing off.  Never realized everything that goes into making videos.

If you need work done, or regular maintenance on your trees Call us.  “For all your trees, dead or alive- Call 571-9855.”  The kids and I was playing around when we made this commercial, however storm damage is not child’s play.  Don’t take chances with your life.  Trees can be very dangerous, especially when there is pressure on limbs already.   Call a professional if you have any storm damage.  Professional 4 Life is available day or night for storm damage situations where people or property could get more damaged if left until a later time.

For Emergency Tree Removal There Is No One Better

We Specialize in difficult tree removal, and in an emergency situation, we are the guys you want.  When you call us, we will come out and assess the situation, if needed we will secure or cut the tree or trees to make sure that when we leave, you won’t get more damage.  Difficult tree removal consists of trees hung up in other trees (especially when a house or other structure is under the tree that can not be moved.)  Don’t leave your property or loved ones lives in the hands of an amateur.  Call the pros today at Professional 4 Life.  Difficult Tree Removal removal also consist of a tree or part of one on a house or car or leaning toward a structure where the roots are already lifting up.  Difficult removal also consists of bringing large trees down in small areas.  We do this almost daily at Professional 4 Life.  Call us and let us show you why we are the fastest growing tree service in the East Texas area.

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We look forward to serving you!

Have a Blessed Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time to get ready for a blessed Christmas.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, have a blessed Christmas in 2015.  I guess most of you are already ready, but I haven’t bought the first Christmas gift yet.

Picture provided by Bo Burke Christmas of 2014

I guess I get behind on things like that sometimes, but I will catch up before Christmas.

I just wanted you all to know that I am praying that you will all have a blessed Christmas.

In the picture Santa Clause is leaving.  Now we know how he really gets out of the house without being seen.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post goes out to all of those people that put up with all of our crap all year long.  Our families and our friends.  As well as our customers and piers.

I just thought I would put together this post so that we could wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  If you have someone special that you want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving comment their name… Or if you just want to tell everyone, just Share this post.

Hope you have a very blessed Turkey Day!

Experienced Tree Climbers Needed


Professional 4 Life Enterprises is hiring experienced tree climbers.

We are the fastest growing tree service in East Texas and we are so busy that we are really needing more tree climbers.

Wanted: experienced tree climbers!
Professional 4 Life pays up to $250 a day for experienced tree climbers

Professional 4 Life Enterprises is a professional tree service located in East Texas.  We work in Tyler, Athens, Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas.  We have a grapple truck that we are using on a daily basis.  Honestly, we will probably be buying another grapple truck within a year or so.

When most tree services are laying off their help, we are still going.  We have excellent customer relations and we retain most of our clients while adding new clients daily.  We usually give estimates to more than a 100 customers every month.  Although we get more business than most of the tree services around here, we do not keep a waiting list.  We usually get the jobs done within a week from the time that we contract the job.

Professional 4 Life Enterprises pays our climbers up to $250 daily and we keep them busy.  A lot of tree services around this area will contract jobs that have nothing to do with tree service, but we are specialists.  Professional 4 Life Enterprises is a tree service.

If you are looking for a career that has a lot of growth opportunities.  You should look to Professional 4 Life Enterprises.  We have been in business for nine years and we will be in business for many more years to come.

If you are one of these experienced tree climbers and you are looking for a promising career, Call Chris at 903-203-2744 and let us take you to new heights!

Arborist Vs. Tree Cutter

Arborist Vs. Tree Cutter

An arborist is someone that studies trees.

They are more knowledgeable about how to prune trees properly.  Arborist can also identify future problems with a tree sometimes, before they become problems.  Would you trust a kennel cleaning man to act as a veterinarian?  Would you let him diagnose and treat your pets?  Well, that is kind of what you are doing if you just hire anyone that can climb your tree, to care for your tree.  An Arborist is trained, taught and tested to care for trees.  The man that cleans kennels may have learned a little just by being around the Veterinarian, but he can not know as much as the doctor himself.  A arborist is a tree doctor.

Got a call on November 14, 2015 to go and bid on a tree that a man wanted

Arborists diagnose trees in the same way that your doctor takes care of your health.


After trying to make arrangements that to go on Monday, he still insisted that he could not meet with me on that day and that I would have to come on the weekend.  I drove out there on Sunday afternoon and when I pulled into his driveway, I saw a tree half cut down.  The brush was still laying at the bottom of the tree, but the leaves were brown, you could tell that it had been there for a while.  I walked up and greeted the man. He pointed at the tree.  He told me that he just wanted the tree cut down and moved to the back of his property.

The man further told me that the man who had cut the tree thus far, had fallen out of the tree and broke his back.  Then he proceeded to tell me that the man was a one man operation that couldn’t get the job finished.

Treat The Man Good, Just To Be of Help

After evaluating the job, I thought I would treat the guy kindly. I give him a huge break on the price.  I wouldn’t make much money from this job, but I get a lot of business, so I finally told him that I would complete the job for $600.  The man looked as if I hit him and told me that the guy that started taking the tree down didn’t charge him that much!

The problem is the guy couldn’t have had very good equipment, there were no limbs on the tree which meant that he cut his lanyard.  All of our lanyards have a steal cable running through them.  With better equipment, higher trained people, and more overhead than a guy just out trying to make some extra money.  I sincerely hope the man will be okay.  You can’t help but wonder how the guy will make a living while he heals.  He didn’t charge enough for the job to get someone else to finish the job.  The guy probably didn’t have any insurance either.

The point is that you get what you pay for and  #Skilled labor is not cheap labor.

If you need work done on your tree.  Call a tree doctor. An arborist, and don’t trust your tree to just anyone.

Top Secret Program To keep you busy for years to come

We are doing a lot of tree removal in Henderson, Texas.  We also have jobs to do in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Professional 4 Life Enterprises works within 50 miles of Bullard, Texas.  We never run out of work, but we are always looking to add extra work to ourselves.  When I sat down to write to you guys tonight, I really did not know what I was going to say to you.  I know that I have a lot that I can teach someone.

Let me tell you about a program that I have designed and used for the last fifteen months.  I started this business nine years ago and the way I started was driving around knocking on doors.  Now nine years later, I never knock on a door without an appointment.

In February, a close friend of mine that owns a tree service in Tyler, Texas called me up.  He was running slow on work and he really needed to work.  He asked me if he could climb for me one day and I agreed to let him work the next day.  He came to work on time, and he noticed that I still had several people working for me, including 3 climbers and 6 ground hands. The next day he called me up to thank me for letting him work.  He said, “Can I ask you a question?”  I said sure.  He said, “Well, I know all of the big tree services in town, in fact, I am friends with the owners.  How is it that everyone else is laying people off and you are still hiring?”  I laughed nervously and told him that I would like to tell him, but then we would be fishing out of the same pond,

My secret has stayed within the company for so long because when I hire guys, I never have to lay them off.  Oh occasionally, I will have to wait a day or two on the rain, but with exceptional customer service and my secret lead generating program, I will never run out of work.  I can get work anywhere in the United States at any time and any kind of work that I want.  Now, after 15 months in the making, I am ready to share this lead generating program with the rest of you.  For more information go here.

If a storm comes through our area, I get about 400% more work than any other tree service from the storm as well.  This program can be done by anyone, anywhere if you are in any service industry.  Tree Services, Roofing contractors, Painting contractors, anyone anywhere in the United States.  Not a contractor? It’s okay you can start your own home based business. Learn how.


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