Most Affordable Tree Service In Tyler TX

Professional 4 Life is the Most Affordable Tree Service in Tyler TX

Most Affordable Tree Service In Tyler TX

If you are looking for an affordable tree service, look no further. Professional 4 Life is the most affordable tree service in Tyler Texas.

With our competitive rates on tree removal services and genuine concern for our customer’s property and safety, we know you will not find a better more qualified tree removal service In Tyler Texas.


When you need the Best Tree Service

If you need the best tree service, call Professional 4 Life.  We are only the best tree service in Smith County because our customers keep using our highly skilled and professional arborist services.

We also serve all of Cherokee County, Henderson County and Van Zandt County.



Best Time To Plant Trees

Did you know that winter is the best time to plant trees? If you plant trees in Flint Texas in the winter, it gives your plants some time to set their roots before the Spring storms hit.

Tree Worker Jobs That Take Skills

tree worker jobs that take skill

Tree Worker Jobs That Take Skills

A few months ago, I wrote a page about a guy that tried to lie to me about his skill level as a climber. It was a pretty funny scenario and the young Jobs that take skillman continued to hold on to his story until the very end. You know I got to thinking that tree service, although it is a very dangerous job to lie about, It is not the only Jobs that take skills. Tree worker Jobs that take skills include; climbing, running a rope and doing a good job on the ground. A man that knows his business can always spot someone that doesn’t.

Think About This | Tree Worker Jobs That Take Skills

Is there really a job that someone that has never done before can fake well? Could a man treeworkerjobsthattakeskill pretend to be a landscape designer on the job and fool a landscape designer?

As a house painting contractor, I had guys that came to work for me that were supposed to be skilled expert house painters. However, when we got on the job, I would tell the new guy, go ahead and paint here (as I pointed to an area of the house). The guy would go to work as I walked away. A few minutes later I would come back to find their paint brush covered in paint all the way up the handle or they would ask me how to get in a tight spot and I would laugh. Depending on their pay, I may or may not say something to them at the time. Or what if a guy said he was a crane operator, could he pull it off?

I would like to know about you guys encounters like this.

If you have had people apply to your business claiming to have a skill set that they really didn’t have. Leave your story in the comments below or send an email to

As anyone that really knows me, already knows, I have taken up online marketing and in the past 15 months, I have got pretty good at this. So here is what I am going to do for all of you guys that submit your story to me about these kinds of job inquiries:

Below is a picture of tyler tree service today. Those of you that have dealt with this will know that these are very good numbers. Those that don’t know are welcome to ask around. tyler tree service

So, what I will do is link to your website giving you the credit for your story. This link will help you quite a bit. The rules are:

  1. You must describe in detail what the job was that they were applying for.
  2. Tell the story and the crazier the better (or the funnier)
  3. You can not mention the person’s name. (you can make one up for them if you need to.)
  4. If I use the story, I will link your story to your website giving you the credibility and boosting your website or facebook page in the process.
  5. You must include your details such as company name, address and phone number. (This is to help you when I link to you). You can also include your company logo or your picture if you want to. The story should be at least 200 words long.
  6. I will only choose the best 6 or 7.

Good Luck.