Is Anyone Else Anal About a Brand Stihl

Everyone Knows That Stihl Is The Best Brand For Saws!

Everyone knows that a Stihl is the best brand for chain saws, but is anyone else anal about a brand?  I know I am.

Shane Cox holding a Stihl brand chainsaw
This picture of me and my Stihl 660 was taken in 2012

I have had some of my men offer to bring their saws or blowers or even a pole saw to work.  My question is always the same.  Is it a Stihl? I tell the guys that we are a Professional Tree Service and we don’t want the image that any other tool may have on our business, therefore the answer is always no.

I wasn’t always this way.

When I started this business 9 years ago, I started out, like a lot of Tree Care Services do, with a Poulan.  It aggravates me to even type the name now. (laugh)  The reason the name makes me sick though, is because of all of the aggravation that the saws caused for the first few months that I was in business.  Better tools meant less aggravation and quicker completion times, I soon realized.

Someone told me that Husquavarna was the BEST saw that you could get. I ran out and bought 5 Huskys.  Within the first day of use, I noticed that I had to tighten the chains a lot and that the chains would burn up.  Therefore I took the saws to the shop often, and it was always the same problem…The oilier stopped working.  Sixty to seventy dollars later and a few days without my saw, I would get my saw back, just to have the same problem again soon.

After about six months, I sold all of my saws and went to buy three Stihl saws.  I have never been happier with any other brand!  I refuse to use another brand of saw now.  Also my blowers and my pole saws whether they have a motor on them or not, are ALL STIHL.

Again, is anyone else Anal about a brand? I’d like to know.